Driving Tour

drivetourListed below are directions to our current subdivisions as well as some of Nordic Builder’s completed subdivisions.   We welcome you to take a “driving tour” through our neighborhoods, hope you enjoy the scenery!

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  • I-84 East, take Exit 67, turn left onto Rt. 31 or I-84 West, Exit 67, turn right onto Rt. 31. Continue past McDonald’s and Burger King to next traffic light; take a right onto Rt. 30. About a mile or so on your right (across from the Car Wash) is Old Post Rd. Continue to your second right, which is Fieldstone Dr. This is Heritage Hill Estates.
  • Head back on Old Post Road towards the car wash. Take a right onto Rt. 30 (Crystal Lake Road) heading away from the highway.   Continue to next traffic light. Take a left at that light which keeps you on Rt. 30. Continue to first right, which is Doyle Rd. Take a right on Doyle and then your first left onto Lakeview Heights. Birch Hill Dr. is off of Lakeview Heights. This is Birch Hill Estates.
  • Head back to Doyle Rd and to Rt. 30. Turn right on Rt. 30; continue to next right – High Ridge Drive. Turn right on High Ridge and go to second right, Austin Drive. Turn on Austin and take first right – Joe Sabbath Drive. The lots are at the end of Joe Sabbath; the existing cul-de-sac will be extended. This is High Ridge Estates.
  • Head back to Rt. 30; take a right continuing towards Ellington. Take your next right onto Hunter Rd. Turn left at the stop sign, staying on Hunter. Take your second right onto Bakos Rd.  First right off Bakos is Cortland. This is Cortland Drive subdivision.
  • Head back to Hunter Rd., take a right on Hunter, continue to your next right (approx. 1+ mile) to Lord Rd. Turn right onto Lord Rd, which then crosses the Tolland town line and becomes Sugar Hill Rd. The very first right is Sugar Bush Lane. This is Sugar Bush Colony.
  • Head back onto Hunter Road and all the way back to Crystal Lake Road (Rt. 30). At the intersection of Hunter and Crystal Lake Rd (Rt.30), cross over Crystal Lake onto Browns Bridge Rd. There is a cemetery on the corner.   Continue on Browns Bridge to the 4 way intersection. Go straight thru the intersection, road then becomes Grahaber Rd. About 3/4 mile on your right is Bonair Hill Road. This is Bonair Hill Estates.